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John Norton,

The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie, for mid-grade readers, opens  in 1870 Colorado and ends at the Paris World's Fair

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Long winters in Maine breed storytellers

My two young granddaughters in Colorado needed more contact with their Gramps in Maine. The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie is the result. This is a six-book series introduced with a  prequel The Fortune Teller on the Train for middle-grade readers.  


 "Gramps, we need the next chapter!" my granddaughters would cry. 

Enjoy! They did.

#1 Children's Native American Literature *


Prequel to Eva and Buckskin Charlie Series

"I don't want to move to Colorado, wherever that is..."

In the early 1870s, ten-year old Eva and her family make the first leg of their journey by train.

Ten-year-old Eva Norton and her family are about to leave their farm in Virginia for a trip across America by train and covered wagon. But leaving home means saying good-bye to her family, friends, and especially Aunt Helen. What will the future hold? Will her family find food to eat and a good place to build a cabin? Who will they meet? On the train ride to Kansas City, Eva witnesses a crime and learns how to tell the truth without needing to use words. When she meets the mysterious Madam Romanoff, a fortune teller from Romania, she hopes all her questions will be answered. The Fortune Teller on the Train is currently available on Kindle.  


Eva's Secret Name

"Should I run or stay?" thought Eva. The adventures begin.

In the early 1870's Eva and her family begin homesteading in Colorado before it is a state.

Eva had only been in Colorado for a few weeks when she saw a tall, American Indian boy dressed in animal skins step out of the woods. Rather than running away, she trusted her instincts and the adventures began: gold, bears, Native American ceremonies, and secrets. Set in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the early 1870s, this gentle book tells the story of two families and two cultures, combining fact and fiction while staying true to the Native American concept of harmony and balance. Eva’s Secret Name is available in paperback on Amazon.com or where books are sold. 


Praise from our Native American Friends

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"It took two centuries and two-bright kids to begin to bring our cultures together. I will read this to my grandchildren"

Louis Annance, former Chief, 

    Western Maine Band 

      of Abenaki Indians

Eva and Buckskin Charlie


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Eva, my Granddaughter, and I

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