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Birthday series for web

The Birthday Series, full of wonderfull illustrations and stories that fill imaginations.

Chief Louis web

"It took two centuries and two smart kids to begin to bring our cultures together...
I will read these to my grandchildren"

-Louis Annance, former Chief Western Maine Band of the Abenaki Indians.

Eva series for web 1

The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie are a click away from discovery.

Books for mid-Grade (9-14) Readers:

The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie. A six-book series with a prequel Setting: Colorado late 1860-70s

Book 3, Eva and Buckskin Charlie, Author-Illustrator (release date 2023)

Book 4, Eva and Buckskin Charlie, New Horizons (release date 2023)

Book 5, Eva and Buckskin Charlie Back East (release date 2024) 

Book 6, Buckskin Charlie’s Secret Name (release date 2024)


John Norton

“Long winters in Maine breeds storytellers.”

John Norton Writer

Maine Native now living in Colorado Biochemist, Executive, Inventor, Antiques Dealer.

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