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Biochemist, Executive, Inventor, Antiques Dealer, Author.

Maine Native now living in Colorado

Norton is poised to release 21 books in the next eighteen months.

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Children’s Books: The Birthday Series

  • When is Santa’s Birthday? (Revised and to be released in August, 2022)

    Everyone wants to know their birthday. Hazel, Santa’s newest elf, does not. She will not know hers until she discovers the date of Santa’s birthday. With her stuffed rabbit Hoppy she interviews all eight reindeer and many of Santa’s elves. Everyone helps, but they all know a secret.

  • Rudy. (release date August 2022)

    Hazel (and Hoppy) learn that she has not interviewed all the reindeer. She discovers a shy young reindeer named Rudolph, called Rudy. Rudy has a special gift to share. He had a bright red nose! Hazel and Hoppy learn about this gift and helps Rudy find his place with Santa and the other reindeer.

  • Dear Tooth Fairy When Is Your Birthday?. (release date August 2022)

    The author asks the readers to help discover the Tooth Fairy’s birthday. They want to leave her a gift. Abbey asks everyone who reads the book to help.

  • Henry the Spare Parts Dog. (release date September 2022)

    Susie selects a very funny looking puppy for her birthday. With the help of her classmates and an understanding teacher, Susie learns a lot about her dog, her classmates and herself.

Books for mid-Grade (9-14) Readers: The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie

  • The Fortune Teller On The Train

    A Prequel to The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie

    Eva does not want to leave her friends and family. In Kansas City they are to join the wagon train across the prairie to the Colorado mountains. There is a mystery.  Eva heard several messages delivered to her Pa.  Each message began with the word “Nest.”  What did these messages mean and was she in danger?

  • Eva's Secret Name

    Eva meets fourteen-year old Buckskin Charlie, the son of Horseman Charlie, Chief of the local band of Soto Indians and his wife Abbatia.  With Spanish language in common, Eva and Buckskin Charlie begin their adventures by being chased by a bear.

  • Eva's New Older Brother

    Book 2 in The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie Series

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John creates wonderfully engaging tales that entertain children and adults. As a grandfather, he understands the limited attention spans of children and manages to capture their imagination and attention. Entertaining them for hours on end.

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