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Children's Books by John Norton

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Rudy Santa's 9th Reindeer

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We hope you enjoy the Story of Hazel, Hoppy and Rudy as much as we do.

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Rudy Santa's 9th Reindeer

When is Santa's Birthday? eColoring Book

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John Norton

"Long Maine winters lead to good storytelling"

John Norton

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As the Editor of this book, I asked my wife to read through it. 25 minutes or so went by. I asked her what she thought. She looked surprised. She was looking for Hoppy and forgot about reading it. ~Scott Steele


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Rudy Santa's 9th Reindeer
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  • Rudy Santa's 9th Reindeer

    Rudy Santa's 9th Reindeer Book two in the Birthday Series by John Norton
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